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The founders have over 30 years of experience in luxury apparel design
and manufacturing and have combined classical methods with cutting
edge new technologies to incorporate the most innovative techniques
and highest end production to capture a price point designed not to
intimidate but to embrace the millennial women who wear it.
After graduating from Parsons School of Design, Designer and Co-
Founder, Su Yong was hired as the first designer at the newly established
fashion house, Donna Karan. Protégée turned head designer, Su Yong’s
background set new precedence very early in her fashion career.
Su Yong has built a design ethos that celebrates the femininity, in touch
with the modern woman’s lifestyle in form and functionality.
foxiedox’s design ethos is built on the mission to deliver uncompromised
design to the the woman of today.
Today the company has two main divisions of women’s RTW and a multifunctional development team providing private label design and
manufacturing for some of the world’s leading contemporary brands and
retailers worldwide.